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The Raven Fly

(Music: Dea, Lyrics: Beth)

The raven fly revives the night

In old Carpathian lands.

Where dying shadows, clothed in white -

The sleeping soul in fens.

The hundreds years passed in calm

Under the glory sky.

And every voice of ruins was dumb

There in the dell of mine.


The black wood chides...

The shade's on it...

The black wood chides...

The shade's on it...


I'm standing on the hill,

The Moon is in my eyes,

I have the loathsome will.

And through the darkned miles

Wolf files upon my feet.

The poison's of the greed.

The fallen angel's fun.


The legend's old as blood itself

From earth-born open veins.

The frozen clock with number twelve

Is symbol of this place.

The magic of the wolfish teethes

And echoes of the bats.

You'll fall the victum of this filth,

When come to play with dreads.


Demon of Nightmare

(Music & Lyrics:  Val)

Night, city full of light

I'm alone in fight

I remain in there.

Din, I endeavor to win,

But my reason screams,

I'm falling in fear.


Demon of nightmare

Calls angry dreams

And mortal fear

And blood light.

Demon of nightmare

Collects my tears.

He's everywhere,

I can't hide.


I know day will come

Day of my win

Demon retreats

And I'll be free.


But my reason breaks to parts,

I want to live and fight,

I want some more of brights,

I'm bleeding in my heart.

And I'm afraid all nights,

I don't know wrong or right.

He lives and breathes inside,

Laughs at me every night.


Game, I forgot my pain,

I will fight again,

Until my fright leaves.

Now I won't go insane,

I can play his game

And I link my eaves.



(Music: Val, Lyrics: Beth)

Small village blazed two nights

With people, books and homes.

The tearing childish cries

Came down with skylark's songs.

The stare of evil's eyes

Observes the charred rest.

Majestic black bird flies

Upon unwaited guest.


Victim is dying in slow fire,

Praying for adding the woods.

To feed with pain is desire,

Hoping to do it for goods.


The genius's merciless

To heretic of church.

But revengefuls of death

Keep to pursuit and search.

He has no rest at night,

He hides in gloomy shades.

Fanatic with wild fright -

De Torkemada Great.


Theatre of Shades

(Music: Dea, Lyrics: Beth)

Glassy shades in light of Moon,

Haunting in the realm of loom.

We are waiting for the turn.

Turn to come.


In the theater of the shade

Each will get its own grade.

From the doom we couldnt hide.

Hide and run.


Longing for the time of birth,

We come down to the Earth,

Come to play in steady peace.

Peace of doom.


Here we suffer from the pain,

Go through gloom without an aim.

We enjoy the wretched light.

Light of Moon.


Put on mask and lets play.

You can act anyway.

Kill and rape, steel and cry

At the end you will die.


Playwrights blood hands

Hold your life strong.

Playwrights blood hands

Hold your life strong.


Dammed black sky

In our eyes.

Deaths way out.

Only way.


All will die

In sunrise.

Spaceless bout.

Sightless fay



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